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Design and Engineering for packaging applications

We accompany you in full confidentiality throughout the development process of your packaging application. Our E&D is carried out entirely in 3D, taking into account each and every requirement related to the conversion process and machinery used, as well as to the tool making.


Our E&D Department maintains the highest level of confidentiality at all times when developing your packaging.
No matter what form your project takes, our Engineering & Design Department will handle any type of blow molded and extrusion-blow molded packaging applications in PET. Our E&D Department work solely in 3D using CATIA V5 CAD software.
We can work from sketches, design drawings or existing packaging items. We deliver complete plans, weight and volume calculations, as well as “real-life” computer-generated images.
In addition, we offer our “Speed-to-market” for accelerated market readiness, allowing you to minimize the time form the design phase to the market launch of your products. To briefly describe the approach, we use a separate design room for your project team to work in, while we stay around to support you on demand. With this approach, we can draw the specifications of our packaging and construct it together within a few hours;

You can see below some examples of projects that have been rendered using CATIA V5 CAD software: