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Molds for engineered parts: tanks, ducts and tubing, 3D suction system, aesthetic parts.


We specialize in the manufacture of extrusion-blow molds for engineered parts. Our goal is to provide you with tooling that will allow you to surpass your competitors. We design and manufacture molds for engineered parts used in multiple industries:
  • Automotive (tank filler tubing, containers for fluids, fuel tanks, air ducts)
  • Aesthetic components (housing for industrial vehicles, furniture, and more)
  •  Other engineered parts
  • Military
We design and manufacture molds for the following processing technologies:
  • 2D-continuous extrusion-blow molding
  • 2D-extrusion-blow molding using accumulator
  • 3D-suction extrusion-blow molding
  • Two-stage extrusion-blow molding using preforms
With our milling, countersinking and honing capabilities, we are able to produce molds of any complexity level, from the simplest to the most complex ones, and do so with the highest level of care and accuracy. As expert mold makers for the packaging sector, we are able to offer outstanding machining quality when processing your molds for engineered parts, including at parting line level where flawless surface quality may be a must for some projects.
Possibility to integrate various technologies:
  • Insertion of labels inside the mold (In-Mold Labeling or IML)
  • In mold full or partial cutting
  • Insert molding
  • Motion controlled release of undercuts
  • Unscrewing
  • Punching
Our E&D Department designs all tooling and containers in 3D.