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Mold making

We specialize in the manufacture of blow molds and extrusion-blow molds for packaging applications and engineered parts. We aim to provide you with molding tools that will allow you to surpass your competitors.


We design and manufacture molds for all types of linear and rotary blow molding machines. In order to meet our customers’ deadlines and quality requirements, our machines are never idle; they run round the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Our customers benefit from our special strengths:
  •  Our people are passionate about their work. They are trained in state-of-the-art technologies on a regular basis, always work with the customer in mind and react quickly to your requests.
  •  Extreme high-performance blow molding tools that are the culmination of decades of experience in a wide range of packaging application sectors (cleaning agents, detergents, cosmetics and perfume sector, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, lubricants, phytosanitary, and more) and in engineered parts (connectors, containers and tanks, visible parts, and more).
  • Our State-of-the-art CNC machine tools ensure optimum machining through last generation technologies. This means that we can deliver optimum quality workmanship without losing sight of economic considerations.
  • Our proprietary in-house quality assurance system with a much wider scope than typical QA standards is focused on our customers’ requirements, facilitating fast response to customer queries to ensure the reliability of our products.
  • Our on-going innovation capability ‒ Thanks to our in-house Engineering & Design Department and various technological partnerships that we have built up over the years with our suppliers and universities and elite high schools of engineering in France, we are able to deliver continuous innovation.
  • Absolute confidentiality in handling your project designs and products is ensured and guaranteed by our secured work procedures.
  •  SmArt©: SMED by Matissart‒ Our innovative design for blow pins with ultrafast setting helps facilitate fast changeover times when switching between different production runs.
  •  A unique database of all installed extrusion-blow molding and blow molding machines.

Our maintenance service provides long-term durability of your molds and a lasting return on your investment.