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Service & Maintenance

Your tools and machines have to be available around the clock. That’s the reason for being of our maintenance service.


4 more reasons why you should choose Matissart:

  • We service all blow molds, even for those not manufactured by MATISSART
  • Our service facility is always open for you - 24 hours a day / 7 days a week - including during the holiday periods in France
  • Responsiveness is the focus point for our staff, our quality assurance and our performance criteria
  • We offer true all-rounder service: Maintenance, Repair, Changes, Optimization, Mold-to-Machine Adaptation.


Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Repair:

Malfunctions can happen any time, but it does not mean they have to cause production downtime. Our maintenance team can help you with your systems on site!
Our technicians will bring along all the equipment they need to repair faults such as leaks or a broken mold cutter blade (including by welding), realigning a mold on the machine platens, and more.


Optimization :

Are you having problems with a mold or with its ancillary tooling? We come to your site and inspect their functioning. After analyzing the issues, we advise you regarding any change that may be required to optimize your processes.

Mold-to-Machine Adaptation:

Our comprehensive knowledge of blow-molding machines enables us to precisely define the changes that are required to adapt a mold and its ancillaries for transfer from one machine to a different one.