Another New Matissart investment !

8.04.2014 » 31.05.2016 Technologie vision

Amateur talk about millimeters, professionals talk about microns !

Matissart invests in Micron Metrology :

In order to complement our existing 3D Metrology Equipment we have invested in a new CNC Vision Technology Microscope.

We will improve further our capacity to control the most critical dimension in our mold thanks to Vision technology. Here are the benefits:

  • Measurement Resolution of 0,05 microns.
  • Measurement Precision : 2,5 microns.
  • CNC Technology.
  • Human measuring errors removed.
  • Reliability and repeatability of measures improved.
  • Enable to measure critical geometrical shapes impossible to measure with a 3D machine, including depth.
  • Statistical Process Control : Process Capability Cp, Cpk, Standard Deviation automatic calculation.
  • Improved measurement speed.

For Matissart, advanced technology is not enough.  The key success factor is to master technology efficiently. With our in-house SixSigmArt quality insurance system we can offer to our customers the best in reliability and repeatability.

Matissart extends production capacity and quality

8.04.2014 » 31.05.2016 CNC Lathe

Matissart production capacity increase to support growth. Here is our new CNC lathe.

This latest generation CNC lathe will improve further the repeatability and the quality of our molds standard parts. This new lathe is equipped with the latest programming technology.

This investment is part of SixSigmArt our continuous quality improvement program.


1.04.2014 » 31.05.2016 Intelligent mold for TRITAN (TM)


For launching its new TRITAN (TM) range of copolyesters for extrusion and injection blow molding,  EASTMAN has chosen MATISSART to develop a mould designed to increase understanding of machine/mold/material interactions. EASTMAN’s aim is to be to give its end-user customers as good advice as possible on in-service performance of articles blown in TRITAN (TM)  copolyester.

TRITAN (TM) copolyester is a new polyester that contains no Bisphenol A ( BPA ) and which has been approved for food and medical uses. Thanks to its unique properties of transparency, brilliance, and thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance, TRITAN (TM) offers high levels of durability in a wide range of applications. In the case of containers (bottles and flasks), TRITAN (TM)  offers solutions to specific constraints such as repeated washing operations (long-term use in dishwashers), filling with hot products, etc. In most cases,  TRITAN (TM)  is a high-performance alternative for replacing materials such as polycarbonate (PC), polyolefins, styrenics ( SAN , NAS, PS), glass, etc. 


EASTMAN wanted to improve its understanding of material/process and tooling interactions. This is because development of extrusion blow-molding polycarbonate for making 20L water container was fastidious. Obtaining a bottle capable of resisting drop tests required long years of development.   To accelerate process development and the adoption of this new polymer by the market, EASTMAN entrusted MATISSART with the mission of developing a mold capable of accurately targeting the setting parameters  required for molds and  extrusion blow-molding machines. Cédric PERBEN, EASTMAN’s Technical Service & Application Development states: “Extrusion blow-molding is a highly-specialized process. Our problem was how to acquire knowledge on this new material and then to transfer it to our partner customers.  I knew MATISSART by reputation. Some of our clients use their molds with our materials. Whenever tests and production launches were made, we always noticed the high quality and design creativity to be found in Matissart tooling. We also knew that they had worked on molds for colleagues (material or additive manufacturers) for research laboratories. The first time we met them, I was able to confirm their high level of professionalism and their in-depth knowledge of blow molding. As a result, we decided to work together on developing a solution for a modular benchmarking mold equipped with control instruments. This mold proved to be capable of meeting our dual objective: 


1) To make internal developments. It has enabled us to measure key parameters in different mold configurations. 

2) To reproduce high levels of performance at our customers' works by adapting key parameters to suit their equipment. 

The project was complex as it included hardware aspects (mold and instruments) and software aspects (processing signals and handling information). 

Matissart succeeded in raising this technical challenge by providing a complete solution that met our requirements perfectly.  And all this in compliance with our financial and time restrictions”. 


On the basis of a bottle design and given specifications supplied by EASTMAN, the MATISSART mold-makers took the whole project in hand. Julien PAPILLON, MATISSART’s commercial director declares “Developing this tooling was relatively complicated. Our aim was to free ourselves from the parameters given by extrusion blow-molding machines. To be able to understand all the phenomena of the mold/material/machine trio, you have to possess detailed knowledge of all the deformations,

 closing speeds and temperatures. For this reason, our mold was equipped with a complex cooling circuit and a large number of precision sensors. To handle the signals transmitted by all these sensors as well as possible, the mold possesses its own processing unit. In this way, we can see and record all the parameters of interest to us in real time”.


Pascal Ode, president of Matissart points out that: “We were particularly interested by this collaboration with Eastman, as it enabled us to create a truly “intelligent” mold. And, in fact, this new mold is a complete system that combines know-how in high-precision mechanical engineering, plastics, automation and IT. This new concept is perfectly in keeping with Matissart’s strategy, which is to permanently offer its customers new innovations to increase the quality and productivity of their molded parts.


As this mold is also for demonstration purposes, it benefitted from a LEGO type design (the design of the bottle is modular). It can be fitted to the main brands of extrusion blow-molding machines initially designed for making 20L or 5GWL bottles in PC. Its design was exhaustive, as fitting it to different brands and models of machine meant taking account of all their characteristics such as different mold thicknesses, fixtures and transfer movements.


This summer, large scale tests were carried out on the mold in various parts of the world and the data collected already gives a very good understanding of the parameters needed for obtaining extruded and blown hollow parts in TRITAN (TM) polyester, which are both as resistant and as long-lasting as possible”.


7.08.2014 » 31.12.2014 MATISSART AT EMBALLAGE PARIS

We have the pleasure to informe you that we will participate to EMBALLAGE 2014 at Paris from the 17/11/2014 until the 20/11/2014.

Please visit our booth located HALL 5a L 013

For admission ticket please visit

MATISSIUM : Another Matissart innovation

25.02.2011 » 31.01.2013

Matissium is a special Berylium Free Copper Alloy machined with proprietary Matissart Technology to  replace Copper Beryllium.

Matissium mold inserts combine high conductivity and high strength without any Beryllium. Customers can therefore benefit from higher productivity and higher durability in a Berylium Free equipment.