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Des moules de soufflage innovants pour économiser vos ressources

Design & Engineering

Our internal Engineering & Design Department is able to accelerate the innovation of your products, as well as their time‑to‑market. You benefit from our mastering of the entire design and engineering process, from the simplest to the most complex issues.

Our in-house E&D department works solely with the CATIA V5 and TOPSOLID 2009 3D-CAD systems. This guarantees optimum efficiency when designing your molds and ancillary tooling.
Our engineers and technicians are experts in their fields, and continue to receive training and education on a regular basis. As a result, we are able to offer highly innovative solutions while enabling to run a cost-effective production.
With our technical facilities and our expertise based on the manufacture of thousands of successful blow molds, we are able to handle end-to-end projects: from designing the molded part (packaging, engineered parts) through to the final mold, including its ancillary tooling.
Obviously, we will fully comply with your specifications when designing and engineering your tools. Alternatively, thanks to our deep understanding of our customers’ business sectors and of converting machinery, we are also capable of developing your tools independently, without specifications. We then undertake all necessary steps to ensure that you get the best optimized designs.

Due to the fact that our projects are designed and constructed entirely in 3D, we are able to ensure outstanding tracking of all our plans with systematic updates whenever there are changes to molds and ancillary tooling.